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sKore dev team is forming - 11/17/2003:
The official sKore dev team is forming up right now, hopefully soon you guys can download the latest official sKore (including all its mods) from the sourceforge file repository, that'll be maintained and updated by the dev team.

Please refer to the sKore forum for all kind of news and updates from now on!


SKore 0.93.11 Build 33 Released - 03/07/2003:
SKore 0.93.11 build 33 released.

New functionality:
- Build 33 should catch most unparsed packets, so I have turned off the packet dumping feature for now. There are still many packets "0000" that cannot be catch, it's some weird packet from EP 3.0, it'll be handled later.
- Added anti-stuck logic for some routing problems, with Build 33, you should be able to bot in Pyramid and other places that sKore use to stuck in.
- Added auto-response to private message channel, it works exactly like the public channel auto-response, so setup your chat_resp.txt as usual.
- Also fixed auto-response so it will only respond one message at a time, instead of spamming the responses.


sKore Field Pack 1.3 Released - 12/06/2003:
sKore Field Pack 1.3 released.

New functionality:
- The field files for the new maps in RO Episode 3.0 is now included in this new version.


SKore 0.93.11 Build 32 Released - 02/06/2003:
SKore 0.93.11 build 32 released.

New functionality:
- Build 32 now catches a lot more new packets than before, and should make the bot work again.


SKore 0.93 Build 31 Released - 02/06/2003:
SKore 0.93 build 31 released.

New functionality:
- Auto-teleport if GM casting warp nearby and avoidGM set to 1 or higher.
- Fixed a packet that is received prior to the one storage NPC sends, which allows storage to work again.

Attention cRO users! The new server update has added lots of new packets, there will be a lot of "unparsed" packets error message, please don't worry too much about them right now, I'm trying to catch as many of them as possible. Also, all the NPC ID has been updated, please update your npc.txt file! Best way is to delete all the NPC ID in a city you can move around, then run sKore and manually walk around town to pickup all the new IDs again.


New Forum Up! - 30/05/2003:
The new forum is up at sourceforge, please use the link on the left to go there, or click here to go there.

All your posts and settings have been restored. You just need to login again, that's all.

If you can't load the page, chances are you used a cookie to save your setting, you need to delete all your temporary interent files (cache in Netscape), as well as all your cookies, then shut down your broswer.

When you re-load the page, it will prompts for login, once you login, the new cookie will take effect and it should fix the problem, it works for me.


Forum problems - 29/05/2003:
The forum is down temporary due to exceeding bandwidth limits, I'm working on moving the forum to sourceforge (with all the users and posts), but in the mean time, I'm working with Sraet to get the forum up again, please check back in a while. Thanks.


sKore registered with Sourceforge - 29/05/2003:
I've registered sKore with Sourceforge, from now on I'll have a stable mirror site to host my files and don't have to worry about my bandwidth too much! Please use Sourceforge to download your files whenever possible, thanks.


SKore 0.92.8 Build 30 Released - 28/05/2003:
SKore 0.92.8 build 30 released.

New functionality:
- New name for the executable and source, skore.pl and skore.exe now!
- avoidGM now also checks for [S] channel. (p.s. It only checks for GMxx right now, but not names in your avoid.txt)
- New tools.dll, thanks to Kura, the path-finding logic is 20 times faster now! (Almost instant path-finding)
- Fixed free teleport after you have used 1 fly wing
- Updated command line option to kore.

Usage: skore.exe [options...]                              
The supported options are:                                 
--help                     Displays this help message.     
--config=path/file         Which config.txt to use.        
--mon_control=path/file    Which mon_control.txt to use.   
--items_control=path/file  Which items_control.txt to use. 
--chat=path/file           Which chat.txt to use.          
--shop=path/file           Which shop.txt to use.          

For example, kore2 --config=control/config2.txt --mon_control=control/mon_control2.txt
New console command:
- chist: List the last 5 lines in your chat.txt


SKore 0.92.8 Build 29 Released - 14/05/2003:
SKore 0.92.8 build 29 released.

New functionality:
- Free teleport after you have used 1 fly wing!
- Names on avoid list will be treated exactly like GM's, i.e. teleport if nearby, disconnect if talked to you. Please refer to the manual on how to use avoidGM function.
- Added command line option to kore.

Usage: kore2.exe [options...]                                   
The supported options are:                                      
--help                     Displays this help message.          
--config=path\file         Which config.txt to use.             
--mon_control=path\file    Which mon_control.txt to use.        
--items_control=path\file  Which items_control.txt to use.      

For example, kore2 --config=control/config2.txt --mon_control=control/mon_control2.txt


Mirror site updated - 14/05/2003:
Mirror site updated!

I've added more mirror sites, and removed those that doesn't work anymore.

I want to thank those who have offered mirror sites for me where I can host the sKore files! :)

Guys, whenever possible, please use the mirror sites to download the files, when I release new version of sKore, I will also send the files to the mirror sites to make sure all the files are the latest ones.


Mirror site needed - 05/05/2003:
Mirror site needed for Solos Kore!

I'm currently getting around 400-500MB of bandwidth on this page per day, and it's using up my 10GB monthly bandwidth very quickly. If any of you have some good amount of bandwidth and can host the sKore files, please email me, solos@horoy.com, otherwise I may have to put the files offline once certain amount of monthly bandwidth has been used up, to prevent the web site from going offline all together.

p.s. I am aware that the new Turtle Island expansion pack as added a lot of new stuff to RO, many of which requires totally new AI to handle, botting will be harder now, but not impossible. Right now, sKore can cure poison, I'll see if I can also fix sKore to cure silence (if there is an item to cure silence), but all this will have to wait until cRO also upgrades to the new episode (May 28th).


Updates - 28/04/2003:
New URL for Solos Kore, the site is http://ro.horoy.com. Update your bookmark!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've been busy with some real life issues. Updates of sKore will be posted in the next couple of days, when I've time.

p.s. If anyone knows what's the new URL of the original Kore, please post it on the forum, thanks.


SKore 0.92.8 Build 28 Released - 12/04/2003:
SKore 0.92.8 build 28 released.

Fixed the teleport code so you won't teleport in town, RO doesn't allow you to teleport indoor in town, GM will ban you for doing so, and using wings indoor in town as no effect either, and will stuck sKore.


SKore 0.92.8 Build 27 Released - 12/04/2003:
SKore 0.92.8 build 27 released.

Gravity fixed the teleport code, so free-teleport no longer works. You need to have the teleport skill (acolyte skill, or equip teleport clip), or use items (fly / butterfly wings).

Updated SKore to use items for teleport / respawn automatically.

Also updated the anti-stuck logic to make it works better.

- New variable in config.txt:

teleportAuto_useItem (flag)
# Toggle Kore to use fly/butterfly wings automatically for teleport/respawn. If you are an acolyte
with teleport skills, or equipped a teleport clip, disable it, otherwise enable it. 0 to disable, 1 to enable.


Updates - 11/04/2003:
For those of you who are interested in what I've been doing lately, here's an updated.

I've digged deep into the route AI and divided the unstuck logic into two parts, one for route calculation, one for move logic.

When sKore tries to move from one place to another, it'll first calculate a route to get there, then follow the "waypoints" one after another until it reaches the destination.

When sKore gets stuck, usually it's either: 1. Cannot calculate a route, or 2. Moved to somewhere that sKore can't move any further and get stuck.

The new logic will tackle problem 1 with teleport, since if you cannot calculate a route, clearing the route logic will not help. So sKore will teleport you no matter you can't calculate a destination, or your original position is invalid.

For problem 2, however, usually clearing the route AI will fix the problem, as sKore will try to pickup the next waypoint and try to move there again. If clearing the route AI didn't help solve the problem, i.e. sKore still stuck, then after a while, sKore will teleport itself to somewhere else and try again.

If either of this didn't help solve the problem, then sKore will respawn back to the save map, and start from there again, this is especially helpful if someone is trying to teleport you into a prison map.

I've been able to run sKore Build 27 for 4 days non-stop without restart and my two accounts never get stuck, so I guess I can release it really soon :)


Build 26 released - 02/04/2003:
SKore 0.92.6 build 26 released.

I have spent more times checking and enhancing the unstuck logic, now it will save a message to your chat log whenever SKore tries to unstuck.

The logic has been expanded to the move routine and so far I've been running Skore for 3 days continuously (24 hrs) and it never get stuck again, except for one case that is a map problem (stuck behind a merchant counter).

If you still experience skore getting stuck, post it on the forum so I can check it out.

New functionality:
- Added avoid list
- Fixed problem for tRO, should be able to connect now
- New avoid.txt in \control directory:


avoid_0 (name)
avoid_1 (name)

Right now it will only teleport away when the people in avoid list appears, but will
not logout. I may expand this function later.

- New variable in config.txt:

avoidGM_reconnect 1800
# seconds to wait before reconnecting after logging off to avoid GM


Build 25 released - 28/03/2003:
SKore 0.92.6 build 25 released.

The map stucking problem seems to be fixed. From my observations, there are a few causes to the stucking problem:

* If you move to a place where Kore cannot calculate a solution path, you will get stuck. There are lots of maps with this "dead spot". When this happens, you will see Kore keep trying to calculate a solution for a valid path, and the destination is always different.
* If you are in a place where you don't have all the portals path to the destination, Kore will keep trying to calculate the solution for a valid path, and the destination is always the same.
* If a path is already calculated, sometimes the last coordinate in the stack of coordinates is always the same, so no matter where you go, you will still end up routing back to the same spot over and over again.

I think the logic I've placed in Build 25 should fixed some of these problems, I know it didn't fix 100% of the stucking problem but it fixes some of them. If you still see Skore getting stuck, please send me the screenshot or text log, I've put down some debug info since I haven't been able to reproduce one of the stucking problem I've encountered days ago.

Basically the new logic is to keep track of the destination coordiates and original coordinates, if the same destination or original coordinates show up for over 10 times, then Skore will try to clear all the pathing logic and teleport you to somewhere else, see if it can recalculate a valid path.

If that doesn't work, then after 30 tries, it'll respawn you to your save map, and see if that fixes the problem. So far I've seen the new logic unstuck my bot a few times and I've been able to run my bots for days without getting stuck, it's been improved a lot since before I've put in the logic, still, it's not 100% bullet proof, so if you see Skore getting stuck, please send me the text log or screenshot. Thanks.

Combat statistics also updated, it will no longer reset when SKore teleports, and also the damage/time won't mess up when you first logon and attack a monster which is killed by someone else.

New functionality:
- Added guildmate login/logout packet parsing
- Added Auto cure poison
- Updated combat statistics
- New variable in config.txt:

# item to be used to cure poison if your character is poisoned. 
#e.g. useSelf_itemCurePoison Green Potion
autoResponse (flag)
# Toggle auto response system on/off, 1 to turn it on, 0 to turn it off


Build 25 coming up - 24/03/2003:
I have included the latest changes in Kore 0.92.6 to SKore, so the next version will be 0.92.6 build 25.

Currently I've already completed code for fixing the stuck-in-map problem as well as the non-stop calculating next route bug, when that happens, SKore will teleport to another place and kill all routing AI so it'll start to look for new spot to move to.

However I am still testing this new logic so it will be a few more days before I will post it up.

Also fixed is the combat statistics, it will no longer reset when SKore teleports, and also the damage/time won't mess up when you first logon and attack a monster which is killed by someone else.


Updated Chinese table text files - 24/03/2003:
New functionality:
Updated the Chinese table text files for cRO users. I have also divided the misc zip into two files, kore2map.zip (map pack) and kore2tbl.zip (all the files in tables directory) so you don't have to download the same stuff again.


New version: Build 23 - 21/03/2003:
New functionality:
Added multiple responses to the auto-response system, SKore will randomly pick one from the list to respond when someone say something in public chat that matches those you put in words_said_#
For example,

words_said_0 hi
words_resp_0 hey,yo,what's up,heya,hello,hi hi,hi~
(p.s. I'll put a new variable in config.txt next version to toggle auto-response on/off)
Fixed the bug where it keeps printing cart inventory out.
Forgot to put in pickupitems.txt in the control directory in the previous version, fixed now.


Auto weapon switch updated - 19/03/2003:
New functionality:
Updated auto-switch weapon code to use the entire name of the weapon.
For example,

autoSwitch_weapon_def +9 Katar [3XSoldier Skeleton]
Updated auto-switch weapon code to allow more than 1 monster per weapon.
For example,

autoSwitch_weapon_mon_0 whisper,nightmare


New page - 18/03/2003:
New page format, new forum, new manual, etc.


SKore 0.92.57 - 17/03/2003:
I've uploaded the entire package of Kore onto this site, in three files, kore2.zip (kore2.exe and kore2.pl) with all the control stuff), kore2misc.zip (mapview and tables stuff) and kore2fld.zip (field pack).

I've also updated the version number to match that one of Kura's kore, I've checked all the fixes he did for the latest version and made sure there is no gap in mine.

New functionality:
- Added auto-chat respond (auto private message respond coming up next)
- Fixed storage list with attribute/elment.
- Fixed auto-emote bug

New files in \control:
This file keeps a list of people who private messaged you (and number of times they messaged you). Right now it is not used, but I put it there for future version to use. chat_resp.txt
Right now, only words_said and words_resp is working, the rest is setup for future version to use.

#things that people said in chat channel and you want to respond
For example, you can setup "words_said_0 hi" and "words_resp_0 hello there, what's up", then when people say "hi" in public channel you will respond "hello there, what's up". This could be done a lot better, I know, I'm just lazy.


New SKore Site - 13/03/2003:
I've uploaded the zip file with source code, compiled EXE, and updated control and table directory files.

You can also find the files in Chinese for cRO users, under table\Chinese. I'm going to try to list all the changes from Kore here:

New functionality:
- Added support for elements/enchantment/card slots for inventory.
- Added support for mapview
- Added Auto-vending and vendors functions
- Auto switch weapon for different monster
- Auto switch item with card
- Auto emote when people say things
- Auto smart avoid GM with 3 modes
- Enhanced status report with combat statistics
- Fixed inventory/cart with non-stackable items

New files in \control:
If you put 0 as quantity, it will sell all in your cart, otherwise the amount specified there.

You can put as many items as you want to shop.txt, and kore will look up shop.txt and compare to the items you have in your cart, if the item in shop.txt is found in your cart, it will be added to your shop list.

Make sure the name in shop.txt is exactly the same as the one in your items.txt!

Since RO can only handle 12 items in shop vending, it'll stop adding more items to the list when it reachs 12.

I think you can still list 12 items even if you don't have level 10 vending, but it's an exploit and you may get caught. So you better get to level 10 vending before using this - or put up less items in your shop.txt, it's up to you.